What Every Employee Should Know About Workers' Compensation

If you've ever worked for an employer, chances are high that you've heard about workers' compensation. This is a form of insurance that is designed to provide you with compensation if you are hurt while working on the job and to provide your employer with protection from paying your medical costs directly. Here is what every employee needs to know about workers' compensation. What Times Are Employees Covered? Whenever you are performing work for your employer, you will likely be covered by workers' compensation if you are injured.

Proving Your Sexual Harassment Case: When You Have Been Harassed At Work

Sexual harassment happens all the time in the workplace, but proving the harassment took place can be difficult. A sexual harassment attorney will want to know the details. You will need to be able to describe the harassment and show that you reported any such incidents to your employer for the issue to be dealt with. When your employer has policies in place to deal with sexual harassment and you don't report it, it is nearly impossible to win a sexual harassment case against your employer.

Bankruptcy: 3 Common Myths

As a result of unforeseen circumstances, individuals who are generally incredibly financially responsible can still find themselves in a world of debt. Thankfully, bankruptcy provides an effective solution for individuals to get a fresh financial slate to start a new life. However, there are numerous misconceptions surrounding bankruptcy that keep individuals in debt from seeking this particular solution. If you are in debt and would like to seek relief but aren't sure about bankruptcy because of the myths, keep reading to learn the truth.

What Does It Mean When A Court Terminates Parental Rights?

There are situations in which parents are not capable of caring for their children, and one option the court has in these situations is to terminate the parental rights of a parent. Terminating parental rights is a big deal, and there are several things you should understand about this if you are worried this might happen to you. Termination of Parental Rights Is Not the First Step of the Court

How To Pay? What To Know About The Workers' Compensation Legal Contingency Plan

When a work-related medical problem prevents you from working, your situation could be greatly improved if you are approved for benefits. Your employer's workers' comp insurance is supposed to pay you a disability salary while you remain at home and improve. Unfortunately, you may find out that doesn't always happen. Read on to find out why you might need an attorney and how to pay for it. Problems With Claims