How Can A Criminal Defense Attorney Defend You Against Sexual Abuse Charges?

One of the most prevalent charges today is sexual abuse, with suspects being charged even decades after the alleged abuse happened. If you have been charged with sexual abuse, it is important to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help you build a strong defense. Here are some tactics your lawyer may use to defend you against these serious charges:

1. Show That the Accuser Has the Motive to Lie

One common tactic used by defense lawyers in sexual abuse cases is to show that the accuser has the motive to lie about the alleged incident.

Perhaps the accuser is seeking revenge for something unrelated, or maybe they stand to gain financially from false accusations. Whatever the case, if your lawyer can show that the accuser has the motive to lie, it could cast doubt on their entire story.

2. Attack the Credibility of the Accuser

Another common tactic is to attack the credibility of the accuser. This may involve pointing out inconsistencies in their story or bringing up prior instances where they have lied about something else. If the jury believes that the accuser is not credible, they may be less likely to believe their allegations of sexual abuse.

3. Show That There Is No Physical Evidence of Abuse

In many sexual abuse cases, there is physical evidence of abuse (e.g., bruises or cuts). It is frequently supported by a police and medical report.

If the prosecution can't show this, your criminal defense lawyer may try to use this lack of evidence to create reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury. They may argue that if truly abusive behavior occurred, there would be some physical evidence of it.

4. Argue That the Sex Was Consensual

If you had any kind of sexual relationship with the accuser before or after the alleged incident, your lawyer may try to argue that the sex was consensual and not abusive in nature. This can be a difficult argument to win, but if it is successful, it could result in all charges being dropped.

5. Bring Up Character Witnesses Who Will Testify to Your Good Character

If you have friends or family members who are willing to testify as character witnesses on your behalf, your lawyer may try and use their testimony to show that you are not capable of committing such a heinous act as sexual abuse. This tactic can effectively persuade a jury to find you not guilty. It works best if you have people who are willing and able to testify truthfully about your good character.

If you have been accused of sexual abuse, it is important to hire experienced legal counsel. Consult a criminal defense lawyer to help fight these serious charges, avoid jail time, and keep your good reputation.

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