Do You Need To Protect Your Kids From Your Stay At Home Spouse? Get A Child Custody Lawyer For Immediate Protection Today

It can be difficult to be the main income provider in the family and must travel a lot when you don't think your spouse is doing a good job taking care of your kids. If you are on the road almost weekly, and you have proof that your kids are unsafe, and that your spouse isn't doing a good job being a full-time parent, you want to hire a child custody lawyer.

Speak with a child custody lawyer first so if you decide to separate from your spouse, you already have everything you need to get immediate custody of the kids. Here are some things to discuss with your lawyer.

Proof of Unfit Parenting

There are many things that you can use to show a judge that the other parent isn't fit to be a parent. This would include:

  • Child malnutrition
  • Parent drug use or addiction
  • Education delays, complications, or problems because of poor parenting
  • Parent mental health concerns
  • Injuries
  • Abuse

Pictures, documents, letters from the school, and anything else documented will be included when your lawyer files for you to have immediate custody when you file for a separation or a protective order.

Statement from the Children

 If your children are begging you to stop traveling and to stay at home and have horror stories about being left with your spouse, the lawyer may want to get them to record statements or take time to meet with the judge. This is something that the children may feel apprehensive about, so could be recorded privately in a room or with the lawyer.

Setting Up for the Change

You will have to show that you have everything arranged to care for the children properly, even with your schedule. This means you need to have a plan for childcare, have transportation available, and be able to prove that you can be the parent that they need until you can go through the custody case.

If you know that your children can't be left with your spouse any longer, that it isn't safe, and you need to find a child custody lawyer that can help you get immediate custody and possibly a protective order from your spouse. This way you can care for the children properly, and work on your separation, divorce, or other solution to your current problem. You don't want to be on the road another day worrying about what happens to your children while you are away.

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