Why You Should Hire A Special Education Lawyer Instead Of An Advocate

When your child is involved in a special education program, their school might not agree with you on how your child should be educated. As a result, you may need help from a special education lawyer rather than a special education advocate.

The Role of a Special Education Attorney

While a special education advocate can be less expensive than a special education attorney, anyone can say that they are a special education advocate. Many special education advocates are former teachers. On the other hand, a special education attorney has a license to practice law in your state and has chosen to specialize in special education law.

If you are involved in a dispute with your child's school, the special education lawyer will represent you. This is especially important if your case is complicated and if the school is having a difficult time serving your child's needs. If you aren't sure if you have a strong case, you should consult with a lawyer.

Save Time and Energy

If you hire a special education attorney, it will cost money. However, you will save time and energy as a parent and will be able to devote more time to caring for your child. When you hire a special education attorney, they will represent you when negotiating with your school.

If you are not able to reach an agreement with the school, you may be forced to file a lawsuit. This is a very time-consuming process and you will need an attorney who can represent you in court.

Send a Message to the School That You're Serious

The school will likely bring an attorney if you hire an attorney. However, by hiring an attorney, you will be able to show the school that you are serious. They will understand that you understand your rights and are more willing to fight them legally. The atmosphere will become much more formal. However, if you feel like your child is not receiving the care they deserve, this might be what your child needs. 

However, in some cases, the school will already be represented by an attorney. If this is the case, it makes sense to get an attorney yourself as well. You will have the option of doing all the work yourself while your attorney advises you or your attorney can be a formal representative who speaks to the school on your behalf and exercises their legal powers.