How Hiring An Auto Accident Attorney Can Get You Money

When people think about hiring an attorney, they likely envision the price tag that comes along with that decision. Lawyers are generally known to be expensive, and you might be thinking you can't afford the help. But if the reason you want an attorney is because you were injured in a car accident, it might be well worth it to consider contacting legal help. Here's how an auto accident attorney can help you end up with more money in your bank account following the accident.

A Consultation Doesn't Usually Cost Anything

It's true that lawyers can command hefty fees sometimes, but attorneys that work personal injury or auto accident cases will typically offer at least a consultation for free. Some law firms go even beyond that and won't charge you anything unless you do get a payout from someone, at which point the lawyer will take a percentage of whatever you receive. So if the reason you aren't pursuing legal help is because you think you can't afford it, think again.

The Insurance Companies Are Not On Your Side, But Your Lawyer Will Be

If the case seems pretty straightforward to you and you were clearly not at fault, you might think you'll be able to deal with the other party's insurance company without too much trouble. But insurance companies are experts at minimizing payouts in order to minimize their costs. It's likely you are going to get a lowball offer at the outset, and if you have no previous experience in this area, you might not be aware of what your options are for negotiation. Hire an attorney and you'll be on equal footing to negotiate for what you deserve.

It May Be Possible to Get a Payout or Settlement Even If the Accident Was Partially Your Fault

You may also think hiring an attorney is not worth it if the accident was your fault, but again, this way of thinking could end up keeping money that you deserve out of your pocket. That's because, in some cases, it can be proven that both drivers have at least some degree of fault for the accident. But if you were the only one injured in the accident, the other party can be held at least somewhat responsible, and you may still get some money out of them when it's all said and done. An attorney can help you navigate this tricky scenario.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney Today

Your auto accident attorney may be able to bring the other side or the insurance companies to the table to avoid a lawsuit and get you a payout without too much legal work on your part. Contact a law firm like the Hensley Law Office to learn more.