Car Accident Aftermath: What To Expect When Pursuing A Claim Against Another Motorist

Thousands of car accidents happen each day in America. If you were in one of these accidents, you might have a chance to file a lawsuit against the other motorist. If another driver was reckless on the road, their actions may have led to a world of problems for you and the passengers in your vehicle. The next step you should take involves hiring a car accident attorney.

Going Over the Damages From the Accident

You need to explain the accident to your attorney and go over the damages involved. The damages from that accident would include anything that has negatively affected you. For example, you may have ended up with quite a few injuries. It is common for people to experience some of the following injuries after they get into an accident while driving:

  • Whiplash from being jolted around
  • Back pain with trauma to the spine
  • Head trauma from the impact
  • Broken bones in different areas, such as the legs and arms

While your injuries and the cost of treatment for them are considered damages, other damages include mental and emotional problems that are an exact result of the car accident. Some mental and emotional issues that can occur after a car accident include:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Some people become incredibly scared to drive a car or ride in a vehicle after an accident because they are afraid it will happen to them again. If a loved one passed during the accident, the survivor may begin to experience something known as survivor's guilt. These are all issues that can negatively affect people.

Pursuing the Value of Your Case From the Insurance Company

When you sue the other motorist for causing your accident, your attorney is essentially working hard to get compensation from that driver's insurance company. After assessing the numerous damages associated with your car accident, the attorney can go over the value of the case with you. The insurance company may agree to settle for the amount you are requesting. If the insurance company wants to settle for less than what you have requested, you can choose to accept or continue to push for more compensation. While this means that you might need to take it to the courtroom, your attorney is ready to do what needs to get done to make sure you are receiving what is rightfully owed to you.

After involvement in a car accident, make an appointment with a car accident attorney to go over the specifics of the case. With your attorney's guidance and assistance, you can file a lawsuit against the other motorist and their insurance company to recover compensation.

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