What Out Of Pocket Costs Should I Expect After A Car Accident?

When a car accident happens, it forces you to spend money you had not planned to spend. No one sets a budget for repairs related to car accidents. Mostly, your insurance company will cover most of the costs that you incur after a car accident. At times, you will also be required to expect some out of pocket costs after a car accident. In such cases, you will be required to consult an auto accident attorney from a place like Steele Law Offices, LLC in order to ensure that the insurance company reimburses the costs. The following are some of the out of pocket costs you should expect after a car accident.

Towing Fees

When your car is rendered immobile after an accident, then you might be required to seek for towing services. If the accident happened on a highway, some municipalities have agreements with towing companies, and you will be forced to use the services of the towing company the authorities contact.

Mostly your car will be towed to a lot, and it will remain there for some days before someone from your insurance company come to inspect it or you move it to your auto repair shop. Generally, your insurance company covers all the costs accrued during this period. However, the towing company might demand you to pay them out of your pocket once they tow your car.


While it might have not been your fault for the accident to happen, you might be required to pay a deductible. At times, there might be a dispute in the fault, or when the authorities cannot determine whose fault it was. When you pay the deductible, your insurance company might assure you that you will be reimbursed, but this rarely happens. However, you will only be required to pay a deductible if your car can be repaired. But, if it was totaled, you don't need to pay anything.

Replacement Offer

When your car is totaled after the accident, get ready to battle with your insurance services provider if you want to get a good replacement offer. Generally, this requires some work and takes some time, but the first offer you receive from your insurance services provider might be lower than you expected. Yes, you can buy a new car from the offer you receive, but it might not be like your first car. At times, you might be required to add extra money from your pocket in order to get a good replacement car.

Rental Cars

Mostly, your insurance company will hire a car for you to use from the time yours goes immobile until it is fixed or you are paid to get your replacement—in case your vehicle was totaled. The rental car might ask you to pay a deposit and get a refund from your insurance company.