3 Reasons To Meet With An Attorney

There are so many reasons that you should contact an attorney. Many people think that lawyers only handle lawsuits. This is not the case. Instead, a lawyer can help you with so many things, which is why many wise individuals have a lawyer that they use often and keep on retainer so that when a potential problem or question arises, they have someone they can go to. Here are some reasons to talk to an attorney.

1. To Organize Your Wealth

A financial planner is great for deciding where to put your money and your wealth, but they cannot help you to protect your wealth like an attorney can. When you meet with an attorney, they will help you to keep your money protected from lawsuits, the IRS, and debt collectors. For example, many people open LLC accounts where they house their money. Each LLC is a part of a different business or aspect of their life. Assume you own a second property. Rather than keep all of the income and investment of that property in your personal account, you would put it in an LLC that is specifically for investment property. That way if someone were to sue you for a problem with that property, they could only go after the money for that property and not your personal house, retirement accounts, and so forth. Every person should meet with an attorney to learn how to protect his or her wealth.

2. You Are Making A Large Purchase

Before you make any kind of large purchase, you need to talk to an attorney. There will contracts involved with the purchase, and if you aren't careful, you could easily get taken advantage of. Real estate agents and brokers are not attorneys. Although they can help you find a property to purchase, they cannot advise you on the legal aspects of the purchase. Taking the contract to an attorney will be a simple act, it will take a little time for both of you, and could save you a great deal of money. It is dangerous to sign anything without fully reading it or fully understanding it.

3. Someone Is Threatening A Lawsuit

If you are in a position where someone is even talking about or suggesting a lawsuit, you should talk to an attorney. They can help you know if there are ways to prevent the suit, how to settle quickly, and what you can do to save the most money.

By seeing a lawyer early on for potential problems, you can protect yourself and save money.