3 Things You Should Tell Your Divorce Attorney

If you are going through a divorce you might be wondering what kind of information you should be sharing with your attorney. There will be a lot of information from your marriage and you may think that you need to give them your entire life story. This is not the case. The attorney only needs to hear information that is pertinent to the legal procedures of the court. Thus, here are a couple things that you should tell your attorney.

1. You Should Tell Your Attorney If There Has Been Any Infidelity

Infidelity can play a major role in a divorce. The person who was unfaithful may be responsible to pay additional fees in alimony for the pain and suffering of their spouse. During the discovery process both attorneys will be looking for any signs of infidelity. If you have had an affair or if you have proof that you spouse had an affair, you should tell your attorney right away. This may change the way they handle the divorce proceedings.

2. You Should Tell Your Attorney About Abuse

Another important thing to tell your attorney is about any abuse in the home. This does not mean that you should talk to your attorney about every fight that you and your spouse had. It needs to be actual abuse that can be proven. For instance, if either of you ever got physical violent towards each other or the children, you need to disclose that. Even emotional abuse can be proven through the use of therapist testimony, medical bills and so forth. Thus, you should be honest about any kind of mistreatment in the home. This could affect the outcome of the divorce.

3. You Should Disclose All Of Your Personal and Shared Assets

Lastly, it is important that you are honest about all of the assets in your marriage, and even if your personal life. Dividing the estate is one of the most important aspects of the divorce and both attorneys will take a good deal of time to ensure that they have all the information about the worth of the couple. You may think that your personal assets or bank accounts shouldn't be included, but this isn't up to you. The law will determine what must be divided and what can be kept personal. This is why it is best to have all of that information for the attorney upfront.

By knowing what to tell an attorney like Mira Staggers White, you can help the divorce to run smoothly and to go faster.