About Fighting For Custody Of Grandkids With The Help Of A Lawyer

Are you unhappy with the environment that your grandkids are living in and want custody of them? With the assistance of a lawyer, you may be able to get temporary custody of your grandkids until they can safely return home. Find out below what a lawyer can do to help you prove that you deserve custody of your grandkids, as well as what the legal fees are expected to be.

How Can a Lawyer Assist with Getting Custody of Grandkids?

The first thing that a lawyer will do is determine what you consider living in a bad environment. Although you may not like your grandkids' home, it does not automatically mean that they are not safe. Your lawyer will ask you if the home is infested with rodents, cockroaches or if there is no running water. If the home is lacking some of the essentials that are necessary for everyday survival, it is likely that you have a strong case to present to the court. In some cases, emergency custody of your grandkids can be granted if your lawyer is able to convince a judge that it is necessary.

If your grandkids are not living with both parents, the lawyer will ask about the non-custodial parent to find out if he or she might fight you for custody. Your lawyer will gather evidence against the non-custodial parent to prove that he or she is not fit enough to raise your grandkids. A private investigator may be hired by your lawyer to get as much evidence against your grandkids parents as possible.

Other services that a lawyer can provide in a custody case include:

  • Proving that you can give the kids a safe home to live in
  • Attempting to settle the custody dispute through mediation
  • Establishing evidence of your relationship with your grandkids

How Much Does a Custody Lawyer Charge by the Hour?

You should be prepared to pay a lawyer at least $75 per hour to help with getting custody of your grandkids. The hourly rate can go up to $500 if the custody battle is complicated. The custody battle can be long and complicated if the non-custodial is determined to get the children. No matter what you are charged for a lawyer to help, it is worth getting your grandkids out of a bad situation. Speak to a custody lawyer as soon as you can to start the process of getting custody of your grandkids!