3 Tips For Completing A Deposition

Being involved in a lawsuit is certain to present some difficulties for any individual. The uncertainty of the outcome coupled with the potential to lose financially can simply be overwhelming for most people. It's important to be prepared throughout the case as much as possible to help you win it. One of the most critical times of the lawsuit will involve the discovery stage, and you may be required to provide a deposition at this time. This involves meeting with the other party's attorney and answering a series of questions. Knowing specific tips to aid you in the completion of the deposition are ideal for any individual in this situation.

Tip #1:  Provide short answers

One of the best things you can do to help prevent giving away too much information or being trapped into saying something you didn't mean is by providing short responses to the questions. It's ideal to answer with a brief yes or now when at all possible when giving a deposition.

Tip #2: Prepare with your attorney

It's critical to your case to meet with your attorney and prepare in advance for the deposition. Some of the things that you may want to discuss are listed below:

1.  What types of questions will be asked at this meeting?

2.  Is it possible to take breaks during the deposition?

3.  How long will the deposition typically last?

4.  Can you bring other people with you to attend the deposition for support?

The more detailed the questions you ask, the better you will be prepared for the deposition.

Tip #3: Know what to expect

When it comes to providing a deposition, you should know what to expect. Below are some things that will happen at a deposition:

1. You will be sworn in under oath, and this is to ensure you tell the truth at all times.

2. There will be a court reporter present who will transcribe the deposition, and all of the parties involved will get a copy of it and the court, as well.

3. If your case goes to court, the deposition transcript will be provided in its entirety to help decide on the outcome of the case.

The deposition is a crucial part of the discovery stage, and you should be work to provide the best responses possible to strengthen your case. Be sure to consult with a personal injury attorney from a law office like Gallagher Law Offices PC, since he or she is your best resource during this legal stage of the lawsuit.