Injured Running A Work Errand? Don't Let Your Employer Give You The Run Around

If you were running an errand for work and you got injured, should your employer have to pay? You need to talk with an injury lawyer right away to find out what your right's are, and if you can get compensation.   

Did your employer ask you to take something to the post office, pick up food for a catered lunch, or run some other type of errand that you did because they asked you? If so, you have to be able to prove what you were doing, so they cover the expenses of the accident. Here are things you need for your lawyer.  

Witnesses and Evidence for the Case

You need to have other employees that will vouch that you were asked to run the errand. If you have a witness that will do so it will help your case. If you have a receipt that shows what you were doing for the company, or if you can get a company receipt, make copies. If there is an email where you were asked to do the errand that is great evidence. Anything else that is relevant should be brought in for the consultation.

Medical Statements

Were you injured badly enough that you are going to miss work, and you need help with your medical bills? Your employer should have to pay for them. Get a print out of all of the medical bills to date, and a statement from a medical professional that says you aren't physical able to work. These will be necessary for your worker's compensation claim.

Police Reports

If you weren't ticketed for the auto accident that you were in and it was proven to be someone else's fault, you want to get a copy of the police report. If the accident is on tape you want it. Even if you are guilty, the reason you were in the vehicle was because of the employer, and you will still have a case.

Your lawyer will look at your case during the initial consultation and inform you if you have enough evidence to pursue a settlement, and to get worker's compensation until the settlement is finalized. You shouldn't have to pay for all of the vehicle repair expenses, medical costs and other expenses that occurred because you were in an accident doing something for your employer. Call an injury lawyer (such as one from Bishop Dorfman Kroupa & Bishop PC) and find out what options you have right away.