5 Thing You Can Do To Stay Visible When Riding Your Motorcycle

As a motorcycle rider, it is incredibly rewarding to hop on your bike and take off, with the wind in your hair and road leading you wherever you want to go. Even though bike riding is one of the most enjoyable ways to see the world, it is also one of the most dangerous as far as vehicles are concerned. In fact, 88,000 accidents involving motorcycles occurred in 2013 and a good portion of those were fatal, according to statistics released by the US Department of Transportation.

Unfortunately, drivers do not always lookout for motorcycles as they travel. Even though you would be entitled to damages if you are injured as a result of an inattentive driver, it is always best if you can avoid filing a claim with a motorcycle accident attorney altogether. Here are five things you can do to stay more visible on the roadway:

1. Wear Reflective Safety Clothing - From your helmet on your head to the boots on your feet, make sure you are decked out in visible clothing that drivers will be able to see no matter what the road conditions are. Leather may be traditional, but it should be equipped with highly-reflective colors and details to keep you seen.

2. Tap Your Brakes Before Stopping - One of the biggest danger when sharing the road with cars is the fact they do not often see that you are going to stop when they are behind you. Make sure your brake lights are working well and tap them several times before coming to a full stop.

3. Opt for Brightly-Colored Motorcycles - The brighter colored your motorcycle is, the less likely it will be that a car will not see you coming. Even if you prefer a classic black ride, deck it out with bright details in graphic work and on the wheels.

4. Know Where Blind Spots are Located - If you drive a bike, you have to be aware of the blind spots of a driver in various vehicles. For most, it is right beside their rear fender where you will not be visible in the mirrors.

5. Use Reflective Tape On Your Wheels - Reflective tape is made with aluminum and silver material that captures the slightest light, reflecting it back into the darkness. Use this tape to detail the wheels of your motorcycle, especially if you travel often at night.

By making sure you do your part to stay in view on your motorcycle, you will be much less likely to be in an accident with another driver. However, if you are, it will be much easier to explain to your motorcycle injury attorney how the other driver was the true cause of the accident.