Social Security Disability Benefits And Chronic Pain

In day-to-day life, you are expected to perform a number of duties, both professional and personal. However, when you are plagued with an unrelenting condition like chronic pain, performing even basic tasks can become overwhelming. For people that fall into this category, social security disability benefits might be an option to help get you the financial assistance you need, so that you can focus all your efforts on treating your pain and leading a more enjoyable life.

What Is Chronic Pain?

In order to determine if social security disability benefits are an option for you regarding your pain, you first need to understand what chronic pain is. In the simplest of terms, chronic pain is a constant or recurrent pain that extends far beyond the length of an injury or illness.

In some cases, an individual can experience this pain for several months or years. While the pain can originate from a previous injury or illness, in some instances there is no known cause. Visiting your physician and discussing your condition should be you first step.

Qualifying For Disability Benefits

Having a known physical aliment and qualifying for social security benefits are two entirely different things. Before you even consider the idea of applying for assistance, you need to have evidence in the form of medical documentation. You should begin collecting this documentation at your very first appointment with your health care provider. Once diagnosed request that your physician put this information on record.

In addition to a diagnosis, your medical documentation should also include test information. Even for an individual who is clearly suffering from pain, without test results you will not be eligible to be considered for benefits. In addition to a psychical exam, x-rays and lab tests help rule out other possibilities and strengthen your chronic pain claim.

Putting It All Together

Your next step is actually applying for benefits. This is when the knowledge and skill of a social security disability attorney becomes beneficial. Before submitting your claim, your attorney will review your information to ensure you aren't missing anything, such as additional testing. The more evidence you include with your initial application, the greater your chances of success. In the event that your initial claim is denied, your attorney, like those at Waycaster & Allred, will be right there to help you resolve any issues and quickly resubmit your claim.

If you are suffering, social security disability benefits can help. Don't suffer in silence and get the assistance you need.