2 Surprising Questions That Your Criminal Defense Attorney May Ask You

If you have recently been arrested, the most important thing to do is obtain legal counsel. Although choosing a criminal defense attorney is not easy, there are a few details to watch for that can make choosing a lawyer less stressful. For instance, although you are probably aware that you will ask a lawyer important questions when choosing representation, you may not know that a lawyer may also be interviewing you.

Fortunately, a good attorney can often be found, simply due to the questions they ask of prospective clients. For best results, you should be prepared to answer those questions as honestly as possible.

What Do You Remember (Or Know) About The Alleged Crime?

It is important to note that your recollection of the event or crime may be considered, when determining how to proceed with your defense. If you are completely innocent or were wrongly arrested, that is one situation. However, many crimes are subjective and your understanding of the events can factor into the type of defense you receive.

Although a lack of knowledge about a crime is not a defense against that crime, extenuating circumstances may be considered when you are in court. In addition, you should not expect the lawyer to ask if you are innocent or guilty because that information could limit their ability to defend you. 

Is There Anything You Are Not Saying About The Crime?

It is fairly common to feel embarrassed about certain events or aspects of your life, even if they related to the reason for your arrest. However, one of the worst things you can do is to not be honest with your lawyer. It is crucial to explain any issue that could impact your defense, even if that issue was illegal, immoral or would otherwise be a private matter.

Remember, most conversations that you share with lawyer are protected by the attorney/client privilege. That means that most of the information you share with your lawyer is protected and cannot be shared without your permission.    

In conclusion, it is not easy to figure out what to do and how to proceed, when you have been unexpectedly detained by law enforcement or accused of a crime. Fortunately, the United States assumes that each person arrested is innocent, until they are proven guilty. As a result, only by choosing an accomplished, experienced attorney from a firm like Crosby Legal, PLLC can you be sure of the best results and ultimate success in the courtroom.