How to Know if You're Exempt From Overtime Pay

In some cases, an employer might make an honest mistake. For example, the employer might have never hired an employee for your position before and may have never sought legal counsel. When this occurs, you may find that you have worked overtime while your employer believes that you are actually exempt. Because these exemption rules can be complicated, it's important to speak with an attorney to determine whether you are owed overtime pay.

3 Reasons For SSDI Claims Processing Delays

People who are unable to work as a result of an illness or injury often choose to file for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Filing an SSDI claim with the government can be a great way to access the financial resources you need to maintain your quality of life while you are in recovery. Unfortunately, many applicants become disheartened when they discover that the processing of SSDI claims can take a significant amount of time.

What You Should Know About Wage Garnishment

Are you in debt, owe money to creditors, and you're worried about your wages being garnished? If so, know that this doesn't automatically happen just because you owe someone money. Here is what you need to know about wage garnishment. You Must Have A Court Judgement Against You The most common reason for wage garnishment is if you were sued in court for money that you are owed, and the plaintiff wins a judgement against you.

Let A Divorce Attorney Help With Child Custody And Support

Even if you are the one who wanted a divorce and things seem to be amicable between you and your spouse, it is always best to hire a divorce lawyer if there are children involved. What starts out as a simple divorce agreement can turn ugly fast when child custody and support is involved. In most cases, it is not as simple as one parent has custody with the other having specific visitation rights and paying child support.

Tips For Working With A Probate Attorney After Your Parent Passes Away

If your parent has recently passed away, there is a chance that you are going to need to work with a probate attorney. After all, one of these attorneys can help you with handling your loved one's estate. If you need a little bit of help with working with a probate attorney after your loved one's passing — such as if you have never had to handle someone's estate and if you have never worked with a probate attorney before — then you will probably want to check out the advice listed below.